Contact & Work with me

Nice to know that you are wanting to get in touch with me. Whether this is because you would like to share something with me, you have a good (tavel)tip, you came across a spelling mistake in one of my articles or because you would like to collaborate with me. Feel free to send an email to Then I will try to answer it as soon as possible. (This can take a little longer because I’m currently backpacking in Asia and the internet isn’t working everywhere).

Collaborate with me

Would you like to bring your brand or company to the attention of my readers? Then there are several possibilities to collaborate with me. Think of a product review, advertorial or an affiliate link. But maybe you have a completely different creative idea that fits perfectly with my blog. Send your proposal by email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Freelance copywriter / content marketer

I am a Dutch journalism graduate with several years of experience as a content marketer. (Mainly in the travel industry, but also as a content marketer at a B2B company.) Are you looking for a freelance content marketer or writer for your company who places accurate content on your channels? Then you can contact me as well.

I am registered as a freelance copywriter at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.

Love, Merel