Hotel Hoog Holten
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Staying at hotel Hoog Holten

In the middle of nature, on the edge of National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug you can find hotel Hoog Holten. A wonderful location to stay overnight if you want to spend a weekend in Salland or to go out for a nice dinner. Hotel Hoog Holten is a fantastic wedding location as well. And that’s exactly the reason for my visit to this hotel, the wedding of Ernestina and Chiel. I was evening guest at the party and stayed overnight at the hotel. So I couldn’t resist to write a blogpost about my stay in this hotel.

Hotel Hoog Holten

Since I was an evening guest at the wedding, it was already dark when I arrived at the venue. The road to the hotel is quite dark, but easy to drive. There is a parking in front of the hotel. I was able to check in at the front desk and went straight to the room on the second floor. 

Hotel room hotel Hoog Holten

I slept in a standard double room on the second floor of the hotel. The room is quite spacious and equipped with everything you need. There is a large double bed with a nightstand on either side. There is a desk, which also has a coffee maker. A nice lounge chair and enough space to put your bags down. The bathroom is also spacious (especially compared to the Parisian bathrooms during my last hotel stays). Last but not least, everything looks clean and tidy (something that’s very important when you sleep in a hotel). The room I slept in has large windows and a view of the trees behind the hotel. Which, by the way, I only saw in the morning because when I arrived it was pitch black outside. 

Hotel Hoog Holten breakfast

Since childhood, my favorite part of sleeping in a hotel is the breakfast buffet. So again, I was very curious to see what was on the ‘menu’. The breakfast buffet at Hotel Hoog Holten is in a separate corner attached to the breakfast room. The buffet is a fairly standard breakfast buffet, but there is plenty of choice. Several fresh breads, rolls, crackers and, of course, plenty of spreads. There is also yogurt with granola and fruit. And no unnecessary luxury after a night of dancing at a wedding: bacon and eggs. As for drinks, you can choose from coffee, tea, and various fruit juices. 

The surroundings of hotel Hoog Holten

During and after the wedding I saw little of the surroundings. But since I live in Markelo (less than 10 kilometers from the hotel), I am familiar with the area. Of course, if you are in Holten, you cannot miss the Holterberg. This hilly area is part of the National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug. Here you can do some beautiful hiking and biking. There is also a Canadian cemetery where soldiers are buried who died during World War II. I always find it very impressive to be there.

Hotel Hoog Holten as wedding location

The experience of the day itself I have only heard from the bride and groom, but they are very positive. I am very enthusiastic about the party accommodation. The ballroom in Hoog Holten is in the basement of the hotel. Because the hotel is built up against the hill, the space is not underground. At the back of the ballroom area there are large sliding doors that provide access to a terrace. You can choose to sit outside for a while during the party. The party room isn’t extremely large, but big enough to have a party with about 100 guests. There is room for a DJ booth and a spacious bar. Delicious snacks were served during the party and the hotel staff were all very friendly. At the end of the evening, we had drinks with a small group of people in the hotel lounge. The is decorated like a library and has a nice atmosphere.

Christmas decorations hotel Hoog Holten

Every year around Christmas, the hotel is transformed into the most beautiful Christmas hotel in the Netherlands. Christmas decorations and lights make the hotel look idyllic. So I totally understand that it is awarded the most beautiful Christmas hotel. I did not stay in the hotel around Christmas time, but I did have some drinks in the lounge in December 2023. This way I was still able to enjoy the beautiful Christmas atmosphere and I can only recommend you to go there. Even if it’s only for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. 😉

Experience hotel Hoog Holten

I experienced my stay at hotel Hoog Holten as very nice. The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable. The overall atmosphere in the hotel is wonderful and I really like the decor. I haven’t tried the restaurant yet, but this is definitely still on my list. Since it is near Markelo, I think I will definitely come back here again for a nice dinner. (So far I have made several attempts to reserve a table at the restaurant, but getting a table last-minute is very difficult. So if you want to eat here, you have to make reservations well in advance).

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