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What to do in Vienna in summer?

What to do in Vienna in summer? That’s what I wondered during a heat wave in Vienna when I was there for a city break. In summer, the temperatures can be quite high and then it is quite a challenge to keep your cool. I would like to give you some tips for Vienna in the summer. During my trip it was over 30 degrees. 

Like any big city, Vienna in the heat is not ideal. Because of all the buildings, the heat lingers for a long time and the temperature can be several degrees above the temperature outside the city. If you like to walk a lot and cannot stand the heat very well, it is sometimes quite a challenge to still enjoy the city. 

Explore the city by bike

Still want to see as much of the city as possible, but don’t feel like walking in this hot weather? Then choose to cycle through the city. You can rent bikes at several places in the city and plan your own route. You can also choose to book a guided bike tour. That way, you don’t have to think about where you are cycling to, you see all the sights in Vienna right away and hear interesting stories about the place you are at that moment. I rented a bike at the campsite in Klosterneuburg during my city break. From there I cycled along the Danube into the city. On the second day of my city break Vienna in summer, I booked a bike tour with My Vienna Tours. Both options worked out well for me. 

Cold drink

With hot weather, it is important to keep drinking enough. And then, of course, you can combine the necessary with some fun. Vienna is full of nice catering establishments, so there is plenty of choice for a drink in the shade. Or, of course, inside a café where, with any luck, the air conditioning is on. Handy: in Vienna there are many water points where you can refill your bottle with drinking water. That way you don’t have to keep buying new bottles and you can keep drinking enough. 

This is also Vienna!

Swimming in the Danube 

Like many large cities, Vienna is located on a river. The city lies on the Danube, which is split into several sections just before the city. The Danube Canal (Danube Canal) flows right through the center of the city. And then you have the Danube, the New Danube and the Old Danube. You cannot swim in the Danube itself because there is a strong current in the water and large boats pass through the river. In the new and old Danube you can swim and the inhabitants of the city love to do so. Especially the Neue Donau is suitable for this. The water quality is checked regularly and there are several jetties from which you can easily jump into the water. Along the banks of the Danube you have several steps to get out of the water as well. This makes swimming in the Danube in Vienna a pleasant and safe experience. Place your towel in the grass on the banks of the Danube while you cool off in the water. Of course, you have to keep in mind that Vienna is a big city and don’t just leave your valuables unattended.

What to do in Vienna in summer? Go for a swim!

CopaBeach city beach

Are you really looking for tropical atmospheres? Then visit CopaBeach or one of the other city beaches. At several spots along the waterfront you will find nice cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a cool drink, something to eat or even dance to live music. Not necessarily an atmosphere or place you’d expect to find in Vienna (I was thinking classical music and stately buildings), but still a lot of fun to get fully into the vacation spirit on a sunny day.

Places in Vienna where you can cool off

Of course, if you find it really too hot to stay outside, you can look for some places where it’s nice and cool. Old churches, castles, museums and theaters are often a lot cooler than outside. I visited a Spanish Riding School training during the heat wave in Vienna and it was really manageable in terms of temperature. (It’s fine then if you like watching dressage, otherwise the training might be a bit boring). On the outskirts of the city you will find indoor shopping centers, also here it is nice and cool on a summer day. 

Cooling down in the Spanish Riding School.

Camping in Vienna

During my city trip to Vienna, I chose to camp at a campsite just outside the city. That way I could escape the hot city center in the morning and evening. Outside the center, especially in green areas with lots of trees, it is a lot cooler. Moreover, there are several options for swimming near the campsite, so ideal for cooling off. I stayed at camping Donaupark Camping Klosterneuburg, a neat city campground.

Swimming near the campsite in Vienna. There are also two pools nearby.

Vienna in Summer

Have you ever been to Vienna during a heat wave? I am curious to hear how you experienced Vienna in summer. What did you do to keep your head cool?

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