Prague,  Czech Republic

Sightseeing: 8 sights in Prague you shouldn’t miss

A city trip to Prague really shouldn’t be missing from your bucket list. The city has everything to offer. Beautiful buildings, an interesting history, lots of restaurants with cozy terraces, nice stores and plenty of photogenic places. The city is quite compact so you can do everything on foot. Along the way you will be surprised by the beauty of the city. And while you’re there, you really shouldn’t miss these sights in Prague.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is the most famous bridge over the Vltava, the river that flows right through the city. The bridge connects the Old Town with the neighborhood of Malá Strana. On both sides of the bridge are two large towers that “protect” the bridge. When you walk across the bridge, you have beautiful views of the city on both sides.  Just be aware that the bridge is very popular among tourists, so taking a picture of an empty bridge is impossible. (Maybe if you get up very early). So assume it is very crowded and you are walking in the middle of a crowd. Then it can only be not so bad. The bridge is one of the most popular sights in Prague.

Tip: if you walk across the Legion Bridge (one bridge away) you will actually have a nice view of Charles Bridge. And also from Park Cihelna you have a view of the bridge. After all, you can’t see the bridge as you walk across it. 😉

Prague Castle 

Prague Castle is one of the largest enclosed palace complexes in the world and therefore one of the most visited sights in Prague. The original castle was built in the year 880. The current building has been extensively rebuilt over the years, so you can see three different architectural styles here. Romanesque, Gothic and Classicism. The castle consists of several courtyards, churches, and palaces. The castle is the most visited attraction in Prague. Ernestina and I decided to walk by it alone and did not view the inside of the castle. 

Astronomical clock

The astronomical clock in Prague, is the oldest still Astronomical clock in the world (the oldest part dates back to the 15th century). You can see not only what time it is, but also the position of the sun and moon and what date it is. The clock also contains a built-in puppet show from which the twelve apostles emerge every hour. The clock can be found in the old marketplace in Prague. On the tower of the old town hall in the center of the city. You can’t miss the clock, because there are continuous large groups of tourists in front of it.

Dancing house

The dancing house is a standout on the streets of Prague. The building is supposed to represent a dancing couple, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. The left part of the building is the lady with a dress. And on the right you can see a man with a bowler hat. Even though the building is popular among tourists, it does not seem that locals are very keen to work in the building right now. After all, it is an office building and, according to our city guide, there have been “for rent” signs hanging on the path for a long time. Atop the dancing house sits a café where you can sip a cocktail overlooking the city. 

John Lenon wall

In the days of communism, it was not allowed to express your opinion in Prague. In 1980, creative Prague people came up with a solution to this. They painted a picture of John Lenon on a wall. This was the go-ahead for several people to paint their artwork, as well as their quotes, on the wall. People still paint and spray graffiti on the wall every day. Which means the wall looks different every day. (The only one of the sights in Prague that constantly changes). Once a year the whole wall is painted white and they create a new image of John Lenon. (You are not allowed to paint over this). But the wall doesn’t stay white for long, because the Czechs (and tourists) like to go paint on the wall. 

The old city center 

Officially, you may not call the old city center a sight in Prague. But in my opinion, walking aimlessly through the cozy streets should not be missed during your city break Prague. The old center of the city is not very large, so you can reach all major sights on foot. Enjoy the beautiful buildings and be surprised by the nice stores you can find in Prague. Personally, I can really enjoy taking pictures when I travel. And yes, I look back at them regularly and then I’m back in the moment. 

Eat a Trdelnik 

Again, this is not a “real attraction,” but if you are in Prague you simply must try a Trdelnik. You can practically buy these on every street corner and they really seem to be inextricably linked to the city. A Trdelnik is a traditional Czech sweet snack. One rolls sweet dough around a wooden rod and bakes it over an open fire. Next, the baked dough is rolled through sugar or cinnamon sugar. This is then filled with a topic of your choice. I myself chose a Trdelnik with ice cream and Ernestina went for a version with whipped cream. Extra fun: the snacks are very photogenic. 😉 According to Ernestina her research, the best Trdelnik in Prague is to be found Goud Food Coffee & Bakery. Eating traditional food definitely is one of my favorite sights in Prague.

Petřín Tower

Does the Petřín Tower look familiar to you? That may well be true! The tower built on Petřín Hill looks suspiciously like the Eiffel Tower. Although the tower itself is only 64 meters high, its top is as far above sea level as the Eiffel Tower. Except that the Eiffel Tower is right in the center of Paris, on the same level as the other buildings in the city, and this tower is built on a hill. From the top of the tower you have a beautiful view of the city of Prague. Fortunately, you don’t have to make the arduous climb yourself. You can take a little train up to the Petřín Park. Here you can relax in the park. And of course, climb the wannabe Eiffel Tower. 

Did I forget any sights in Prague?

Have you ever been to Prague and did I forget to mention major sights in Prague in this article? Let me know in the comments below. Want to read more about my citytrip to Prague, like where to eat or sleep? Read my other articles about Prague.