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French bakery in Prague with the most delicious Speculoos cheesecake 

‘This speculoos cheesecake could be the reason to go back to Prague,’ I said enthusiastically when I was with Ernestina at Petite France in Prague. This French bakery is an absolute hot spot in Prague that should not be missed during your city break. Not only does it look fantastic (and is very photogenic), but their baked goods are to die for!

We were on our way to the dancing house when we came across Petite France. The French Bakery in downtown Prague particularly stood out because of its green color. Which matched perfectly with the dress I was wearing that day, so I wanted to take a picture with it. And when I peeked through the window and saw all the delicious baked goods, we decided to order a cake. I mean, who could resist all those good looking cakes?

Look, my dress and the bakery are just a perfect match!

Cozy French bakery in Prague

The green bakery is not only beautifully painted on the outside, but everything inside is in the same color theme. The bakery is tastefully decorated and it’s like stepping into a local bakery in Paris. (And trust me, I’ve been in many Parisian bakeries since I lived there for a while. I miss my second home, Paris, very much). Inside you are welcomed by the smell of freshly baked croissants and cakes. You must be very strong-willed to resist all of their baked goods. The bakery is nicely decorated and to complete the picture, your ears are pampered with French chansons. So yes, you feel like you’re in La France.

It was a challenge to make a choice, because all the cakes look good!

Bes cheesecake in Prague

At this French bakery, you have plenty of delicious sandwiches and cakes to choose from. So making a choice is quite a challenge. Between the speculoos cheesecake and me, it was love at first sight. I knew immediately, I want that one! But the selection consisted of many cakes and sandwiches that all looked delicious. So I found it quite a challenge to choose what I was in the mood for. In the end, Ernestina and I decided to share two cakes, the speculoos cheesecake and a lemon merinque tart. (That way we both got to taste not one, but two pastries in Prague). We also both ordered a cappuccino.

Our final choice: a piece of Speculoos cheesecake, a lemon meringue pastry and two cappuccino’s

Speculoos cheesecake in Prague

Since it was a beautiful sunny day, we took a seat in the seating area in front of the bakery. (And took hundreds of photos, because it is quite a photogenic spot after all). The street in which the bakery is located is not a super busy street, but there is plenty to see. So we had a good time people-watching. And especially eating the cakes. The lemon meringue pie was delicious, but I have to admit it’s not the best I’ve ever eaten. The speculoos cheescake, on the other hand, was really fantastic (a year later Ernestina and I are still talking about it 😉 ). I’ve tried to recreate the cake a few times, but I haven’t succeeded yet either. (Although my own bakes tasted really good too). But as I wrote before: for this cake I would definitely want to go to Prague again. So are you going to Prague soon? Then you should definitely put this hotspot on your list of things to do during a city break Prague!

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